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Be Green & Stay Cool with Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning [Infographic]

Everyone wants to cut costs while keeping their home or business cool during the hot summer months. This infographic shares statistics from across the United States about the age and efficiency of the average air conditioning system for residential properties. In addition to keeping your home comfortable during the summer, you are also positively benefiting the environment by reducing energy consumption by upgrading your air conditioning unit to a higher SEER-rating. Read on for tips and insight about reducing your energy bill while staying cool.

 To view the full size infographic, click on the image below & then click the magnifying glass

AAA Energy Efficient Air Conditioning







Annual air conditioning service can help ensure that you central air conditioning unit doesn’t fail during the hot summer months. Each year that passes without routine maintenance performed on an air conditioning unit causes 5% of the equipment’s efficiency to be lost. Don’t let your A/C unit be one of the 3 million that fails throughout the summer months and follow these tips.

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Air conditioning service infographic