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Residential Heat Pump Service and Repair

Having your heat pump professionally checked every year is important for many reasons. With proper maintenance, your heating system will last longer and remain safe throughout the year.

Heat Pump Safety

At AAA Heating and Cooling takes safety seriously. We believe that our customers shouldn’t have any concerns about fire or electrical issues. This is why we send highly trained service professionals to inspect your heat pump piece by piece and make sure that the unit is well-maintained and safe for use.

Skilled Service Professionals

AAA Heating and Cooling service professionals are experts in heat pump maintenance and repair. Our teams attend ongoing professional development sessions to keep their skills sharp and to stay on top of changes in the industry, in addition to the training they undergo for initial certification.

When on the job at your house for service or repair, they will examine the heating system and make recommendations for upkeep, repair, and efficiency practices. They will also be glad to address any questions or concerns you might have about your heat pump.


Heat Pump Maintenance

When heat pumps are working at their best, they are wonderfully efficient in terms of heat moved and energy used. Keeping yours working efficiently is easy with regular maintenance. Regular checkups from our experts will prolong the life of your heating system and keep your energy bills low. Our diagnostic procedures will also keep you ahead of any needed repairs.

Planned Service for your Heat Pump

Annual service is made easy with our Planned Service Program. This popular program rewards our loyal customers with discounts for pre-paid annual service that increase according to the number of years you sign up for.

Annual maintenance is recommended by all HVAC manufacturers as it keeps the equipment staying in tip-top shape and functioning at its best.  Our customers love many things about our Planned Service Program, including the 10 percent discount on parts/labor and the automatic priority status in our database should emergency repairs be needed.

Heat Pump Repair

Should the unexpected occur and your heat pump needs repair, our expert teams, and streamlined processes will address the problem quickly and efficiently. Your heat pump need not be down long. And, our emergency service line is available any time, day or night.

What You Can Expect When Your Heat Pump is Serviced or Repaired:

  • Most heat pumps will take a full day to service or repair. We start early and work diligently till the job is done.
  • We do everything to EPA guidelines. We do not release chemicals into the air or surface water, and we follow guidelines for responsible disposal.
  • We follow the standard permitting process with all our work. Everything is done to code and manufacturer recommendations.