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NBC Exposes Air Duct Cleaning Scam

Dateline NBC’s Chris Hansen

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) participated in an undercover investigation by Chris Hansen and Dateline NBC to expose companies that use bait and switch tactics to take advantage of consumers.

The investigation culminated in a segment that aired January 30, 2011, featuring NADCA President Buck Sheppard as the industry expert. After witnessing one of the scam operators in action, Sheppard was taken aback. “It was amazing how unscrupulous some people can actually be,” he noted.

The segment focused in part on a representative from a company called Duct Masters, out of Hebron, Kentucky. The consumer called the company expecting the advertised price of $49.95, but instead ended up paying almost $500. Even after paying the higher price, the job was not done properly. Dust and chemicals were released into the living space of the home and the system was still filthy after the Duct Master representatives were finished.

Reflecting on the segment that aired Sunday night, Sheppard added, “I believe the Dateline piece was well produced and highlights the need for better oversight by the individual states. For those so-called ‘duct cleaners’ who have no standards by which to measure their work, they should be aware that NADCA and its combined membership are always pushing to better educate our consumers. Through better education, consumers aren’t as likely to fall prey to these types of unscrupulous and shady practitioners, since they know how to choose a professional duct cleaning company. And that’s no BS.”

AAA Heating & Cooling has been a member of NADCA Since July 2000.