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Enjoy a Worry-Free Spring

Ever turn the key in your car and hear the engine clunk. instead of starting smoothly?

That’s a sound no one ever wants to hear from her car or her air conditioner on a hot day. Over time, air conditioner wires can corrode, belts and moving parts become worn, and leaks can spring up at the most inconvenient times.

Just like your car. a cooling system is a complicated set of equipment and it requires expert care to keep it running at peak performance.

Regular service prevents emergencies and keeps minor problems from escalating into costly repairs. A professional checkup of your air conditioning unit includes:

  • Lubricating and assessing all motor operations
  • Checking airflow and inspecting electrical connections
  • Cleaning the condenser coil and drains, and checking filters
  • Testing refrigerant levels and compressor amperage, and
  • Evaluating overall unit performance

Now is a good time to let us get your home cooling system in tip-top shape for the warm weather ahead. Get a jump on the cooling season by scheduling a spring tune-up with us for your air conditioner now so you can enjoy a carefree and cool summer.