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Commercial Split Systems

Energy use for heating and air-conditioning accounts for more than 25% of the primary energy consumed in commercial buildings in the U.S. Parasitic energy use, the energy used to power the fans and pumps which transfer heating and cooling from central heating and cooling plants to conditioned spaces, can represent a significant portion of this energy (from 20% to 60%of HVAC electricity use in a building).
In the past year energy costs are soaring right along with global warming, Lennox is expanding its T-Class™ large split systems line, AAA Heating and Cooling is very pleased to be able to offer these new configurations to help commercial customers lower expenses and increase profitability this summer. The powerful T-Class line is now available in capacities from 6 to 20 tons.
Designed to work together to provide higher performance and energy efficiency, the T-Class line features TSA condensing units, TPA condensing heat pumps and TAA air handlers to provide reliable, supplemental cooling and heating for a wide range of buildings. Every system in the T-Class line uses R-410A to eliminate concerns over the rising cost of R-22 refrigerant for set up and servicing.