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Humidity Control

Please contact AAA Heating and Cooling at (503) 284-2173 for information about commercial humidification control systems.

Aprilaire Model 800 Humidifier

Aprilaire Model 800 Humidifier

The Aprilaire Model 800 Humidifier is a steam humidifier designed for home applications where evaporative units are less practical. The Model 800:

  • Accommodates crawl spaces, attics and areas of the country with milder winters and non-forced air heating.
  • Provides humidity to the largest of homes (up to 6,200 square feet).
  • Features truly automatic control but can be installed in manual mode as well. ​
Aprilaire Model 1700 Dehumidifier

Aprilaire Model 1700 Dehumidifier

Aprilaire’s 1700 model  is light commercial dehumidifier and considered one of the industry’s finest.

3.91 lb./hr. @ 80°F and 60%RH

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible design allows units to work in all applications and conditions.
  • On-board automatic humidity control means set it and forget it operation.
  • Optional space control is available if localized or “spot” control is desired.
  • Fully-insulated cabinet reduces operational noise and the possibility of unit condensation.
  • Dual access panels permit ease of service and filter replacement.
  • Duct collars are included for use with either 8 in. flex duct or hard pipe.
  • Included PVC trap attaches to the 3/4 in. drain for hassle-free installation.
  • Rubber-in-shear floor isolators prevent vibration and excess noise.
Aprilaire Model 600 Humidifier

Aprilaire Model 600 Humidifier

The Aprilaire Model 600 Humidifier is one of the best-performing bypass humidifiers on the market. As a large-capacity unit, the Model 600:

  • Features a built-in bypass damper, which means fewer parts to install
  • Delivers up to 50% more moisture than competitive units
  • Has an evaporation capacity of 0.70 gallons per hour
  • Humidifies tightly constructed homes up to 4,000 square feet in size
Aprilaire Model 500 Humidifier

Aprilaire Model 500 Humidifier

The Aprilaire Model 500 Humidifier is economical and a proven performer designed for small to mid-sized homes. The Model 500 features:

  • A built-in bypass damper, which means less parts to install
  • Truly automatic control, but it can also be installed in manual mode