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Commercial Control Systems

Save time and money and provide a higher level of control by commanding a wide range of functions from a single location. The L Connection network makes it easy to manage HVAC, zoning and building operations from a single point of control, while minimizing energy and maintenance costs. It is designed to enhance the functionality and performance of rooftop units from Daikin. It is also compatible with All Daikin HVAC equipment as well as electromechanical third-party equipment. It’s a smart, cost-effective way to minimize your buildings energy use and better manage facility operations.

The Comfort Sensor combines relative humidity and carbon dioxide sensor options with a temperature sensor. Optional zone controller capabilities are also available when the Comfort Sensor is used in commercial zoning applications. This flexible offering not only means less wiring and fewer sensors to install separately, it also means more flexible comfort control with an optional LCD interface.

This simple interface allows you to adjust the temperature with the touch of a button. The adjustable range can be configured to control energy use while optimizing comfort and productivity. The Comfort Sensor also means easier service for the zone controller in the zone, without having to climb a ladder for access.

The Network Control Panel allows a facility manager advanced monitoring and control capabilities for troubleshooting and configuration adjustments, inducing scheduling, temperature setpoint, humidity control and much more. Optional PC software provides access to a specific controller or the entire network locally, or remotely via a modem or the Internet* This flexibility gives a facility manager or owner advanced control of their building from virtually anywhere and at any time. It also allows a servicing contractor to diagnose and correct certain problems remotely without sending someone to the site.