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Are HVAC Preventive Maintenance Plans Worth It?


As a homeowner, you’ve probably heard local HVAC companies in Portland stress the importance of routine maintenance for your heating and cooling systems. However, you might be asking yourself if HVAC service plans are genuinely worth the cost. If you are looking to learn about heating and air conditioning maintenance, our contractors share all you […]

17 HVAC System Terms to Know Before You Buy


Heating and cooling terminology can be confusing to most people, especially when trying to decide on a new HVAC system for your Beaverton business or residence. Do you own a home or commercial property and want to learn more about HVAC basics? Our NATE-Certified technicians share the 17 most common terms you should know before […]

3 Ways Rain Affects Your Portland Home’s HVAC System


In the Pacific Northwest, we get our fair share of rain. While we’ve all come to love our misty months, sometimes excessive precipitation can be a bit much, especially for your home’s heating and cooling system. Want to know more about ways rain can affect your HVAC system? Our local heating and cooling contractors in […]

Can Your Portland Home’s HVAC System Be Recycled?


At some point in homeownership, you’ll have to replace a failing or outdated residential HVAC system. In addition to selecting the best heating and cooling equipment for your home, you’ll also have to consider what to do with your original unit. In the Pacific Northwest, we care a lot about our environment, which is why […]

Can a Home Thermostat “Go Bad”?


With temperatures dropping, and more Portlanders begin turning on their residential heating and cooling systems, residents start asking, “Do home thermostats go bad?” Our Portland HVAC contractors have found that while the lifespan of thermostats vary, many units start to show signs of decline after about ten years. Are you looking for more info on […]

Winter HVAC Maintenance Tips for Beaverton Homes


It’s hard to believe that winter is fast approaching! Before the temperature starts to drop, now is the time to winterize your residential heating and air conditioning unit. Not sure where to start? Our Beaverton HVAC contractors have compiled practical maintenance tips to ensure your home stays cozy all winter long. 5 Winter Maintenance Tips […]

14 HVAC System Tips for New Homeowners in Portland

Are you a first-time homeowner in the Portland metro area? If so, HVAC systems might be unfamiliar to you. Want to learn HVAC equipment basics and maintenance tips from top experts? Our local HVAC company shares heating and cooling fundamentals below.  HVAC Tips for Beginners What is an HVAC system? HVAC stands for “heating, ventilation, […]

Can an HVAC System’s Air Filtration Protect from COVID-19?

While the intricacies of COVID-19 are still being researched, many of us are wondering if HVAC filtration can help keep the virus at bay? As we are learning, scientists point to respiratory droplets as the primary mode of transmission. This means infection can be passed between people through coughing or sneezing.  It is also possible […]

Are New Homes Available in Beaverton’s Cooper Mountain Area?

If you are a Beaverton resident you have likely heard about the new Cooper Mountain development expansion. In just a few years new homes will be built in this up-and-coming area of Beaverton. What will this growth look like? What effect will it have on current residents?  Whether you are planning to purchase a new […]