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5 Tips Every First-Time Homeowner Needs to Know About Heating & Cooling Their Homes


Congratulations on purchasing your first home! Being a new homeowner is an exciting venture that involves learning about the quirks around your property. Between unpacking, housewarming parties and exploring your neighborhood, it can be simple to overlook one of your home’s most important features—the HVAC system. Even though it seemed to run well when you […]

Annual HVAC Maintenance Timeline


Unlike other appliances that need maintenance once a year, heating and cooling systems need attention more often. There are a handful simple HVAC maintenance tasks that you can perform on your own to keep the system efficient and at peak performance. Others require an HVAC specialist. By knowing what tasks to do and when, you’ll […]

New Homeowner HVAC Tips & Tricks


You bought a home! Congratulations! Whether this is your first time purchasing a home or fifth, it’s important to be familiar with the systems that control its comfort levels before for they need a major repair. Doing so allows you to perform the preventive maintenance the HVAC system needs, recognize sign of trouble and avoid […]

Heat Pump Maintenance 101: What’s Included in My Service?


If you believe in Murphy’s Law, an ignored heat pump will fail during the worst time of year, in the dead of winter. With the upcoming holidays, this is the last thing you want, especially since the winter is one of the busiest times of year for HVAC technicians. The best solution is preventive HVAC […]

Can I Retrofit My Historic Home with an HVAC System?


Yes, you can retrofit a historic home with an energy efficient HVAC system. If you tour some of Portland’s popular historic homes, you’ll find that many have one thing in common—retrofitted HVAC systems. This is good news if you wish to retrofit your historic home with a modern, efficient HVAC system while preserving its charm. […]

Protect Your HVAC System from Winter Elements


The worst time of year for your heating system to go on the fritz is the winter. Just as wind, snow, and ice cause long and short term damage to your home, the same could cause costly damage to an HVAC unit. Portland residents who take the simple yet necessary steps to protect and maintain […]

Heat Pumps: The Right Choice for Portlanders [Infographic]


Heat pump installation is on the rise due to the money and energy savings a heat pump provides. A heat pump is nearly four times more efficient than an oil furnace and can save a household anywhere from 20% – 70% in monthly utility costs. Possibly the best part of installing a heat pump is having […]