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How Do You Choose the Best HVAC Company?


The best time to choose an HVAC company for your home comfort needs is before you have a heating or cooling emergency. Heating and cooling equipment are complex systems that also contribute to the ventilation and air quality in your home. Knowing how to choose an HVAC company, and taking the time to vet them […]

How Can Homeowners Benefit from Installing Central Air?


Sometimes box fans in windows don’t bring the relief that you seek on the hottest days. With the latest summers continuing to break temperature-related records, central air conditioning will bring you the ultimate in comfort, efficiency, and savings. By knowing how central A/Cs work and the benefits that you’ll enjoy, you’ll be better able to […]

Debunking Air Conditioning Myths


The Truth about Air Conditioners and Home Comfort Myth: Fans keep a room cooler. Fans move air in a room, creating a wind-chill effect, but do not affect the air temperature. When the wind from a fan hits your warm skin, heat transfers from your body to the air. Fans also help sweat evaporates at […]

The Benefits of a Programmable Thermostat for Summer Comfort

Thermostats make it simple to adjust the temperature in your home with the turn of a dial or tap of a touchscreen. You generally receive a thermostat with an air conditioner installation, but it might not serve your energy and comfort needs. Basic thermostats maintain a constant temperature throughout the day, making them best for […]

Commercial HVAC: How to Be More Energy Efficient

Energy is one of the greatest overhead costs for businesses. The HVAC system accounts for 25 to 40 percent of the primary energy consumed in commercial buildings. The more energy a building uses, the bigger the impact to the bottom line. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, inefficiencies cause average buildings to waste 30 […]

March Spring Cleaning – Don’t Forget Your HVAC System!

As you start storing away your winter wardrobe and preparing your home for the upcoming warm weather, it is also a good time to maintain your HVAC system to ensure optimum efficiency during the summer. Professionals recommend cleaning and maintaining your system now because it allows you to catch small problems that could compromise your […]

The History Behind Home Heating Systems

One of the most basic human needs is warmth. Without it, bodies cannot thrive. Thanks to advances in technology and home heating systems, achieving comfortable temperatures is as simple as flipping a switch. Ancient civilizations didn’t have it as simple. For those who migrated to the world’s cooler regions, the sun did not provide enough […]

5 Things to Look for in an HVAC Warranty

A new heating and cooling system is a large investment in your home. As you compare different units, pay as much attention to the warranties as you would the costs and different features. If something goes wrong within a few weeks or a few years after, a good HVAC warranty will help lower the out-of-pocket […]

How to Qualify for the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit


Uncle Sam wants to reward you for going green with a residential renewable energy tax credit. You can earn this credit by making qualified energy efficient-related improvements to your home—like installing new insulation or a solar heating and cooling system—thanks to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. How to Be Eligible for the […]

6 Great Reasons to Replace Your Old & Failing HVAC Equipment

As a home or business owner, you’re likely well aware of the seemingly endless to-do list when it comes to keeping your space comfortable, safe, and healthy. In addition, the wear and tear on appliances and other systems can leave you frustrated with the repair and maintenance costs. A tight budget may also make you […]