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How Much Does a Commercial Air Conditioner Cost in Portland?


Are you a Portland business owner looking for a new air conditioning system for your property? If so, the first question that comes to mind is, “How much does a commercial AC unit cost?” The answer to that question, however, is rather complex. Price depends on myriad factors including the type of unit, size, energy […]

What Air Conditioning Unit is Best for Your Beaverton Home?


We all look forward to summers in the Pacific Northwest; however, sometimes, they can be scorchers. That’s why it’s essential to choose a residential air conditioning system that effectively cools your home. Deciding which air conditioning unit is best for your residence ultimately depends on your cooling needs, the size of your home, and personal […]

6 Benefits of Split System Air Conditioning for Portland Homes


Portland homeowners are most familiar with traditional central-air systems. However, many of our clients ask our HVAC contractors what the advantages of a split air conditioning system are. To start, split systems offer exceptional cooling, do not require complicated ductwork, and can be installed quickly without costly construction.  Here is a breakdown of 6 benefits […]

4 HVAC Inspection Tips for New Business Owners in Portland


4 HVAC Inspection Tips for New Business Owners in Portland As we know, new businesses are booming in Portland! If you are a new business owner looking for a commercial property to call home, don’t forget to add an initial HVAC inspection to your checklist when visiting properties.  Assessing pre-existing heating and cooling equipment before […]

Should You Clean or Replace Your Commercial HVAC Ducts?


Should You Clean or Replace Your Commercial HVAC Ducts? If you own a property in Beaverton, you know that routine building maintenance is key to keeping your commercial space safe and secure. However, some business owners might not think about their duct system until problems arise. Neglected systems can cause costly repairs or even require […]