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Can Your Portland Home’s HVAC System Be Recycled?


At some point in homeownership, you’ll have to replace a failing or outdated residential HVAC system. In addition to selecting the best heating and cooling equipment for your home, you’ll also have to consider what to do with your original unit. In the Pacific Northwest, we care a lot about our environment, which is why […]

Can a Home Thermostat “Go Bad”?


With temperatures dropping, and more Portlanders begin turning on their residential heating and cooling systems, residents start asking, “Do home thermostats go bad?” Our Portland HVAC contractors have found that while the lifespan of thermostats vary, many units start to show signs of decline after about ten years. Are you looking for more info on […]

6 Benefits of Home Furnaces vs. Boiler Systems


Does your Beaverton home rely on a boiler system to provide heat? Have you wondered if making a switch to a furnace might be better? Each heating system has its benefits and drawbacks. If you are looking for answers on which is best for you, a boiler or a furnace, our Beaverton HVAC contractors are […]

Is “Sick Building Syndrome” a Sign Your Business Needs a New HVAC System?


Indoor air quality (IAQ) is becoming a growing concern for Portland business owners. Low IAQ can present a host of problems, from allergies to fatigue and even an illness known as sick building syndrome. As business owners know, unhealthy workers mean lower productivity and lost money. How can a new HVAC system or regular maintenance […]

6 Questions to Ask Your Commercial HVAC Installer


Commercial HVAC systems are vital components for supporting good air quality and comfortable indoor climates. That’s why it is crucial to know when to replace your current heating and cooling equipment and the right questions to ask your Beaverton commercial HVAC installer. Are you interested in learning facts about HVAC installation and if it’s time […]