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5 Common Misconceptions About Commercial Heat Pumps


Commercial heat pumps have been getting a lot of attention lately because of their energy efficiency. Despite the public interest, there are still misconceptions about these HVAC systems’ inner workings. Do you have questions about how heat pumps can benefit your temperature control needs? Let our commercial heating and air conditioning team in Beaverton help […]

The Ultimate Guide to Energy-Efficient Heating & Cooling in Portland


Are you a Portland business owner looking to manage energy expenses or a homeowner hoping to reduce residential heating and air conditioning costs? You might not know that an energy-efficient HVAC system is essential to keep utility charges in check.  Our heating and cooling services in Portland have compiled all you need to know. Read […]

Does Your Older Beaverton Home Need a New Gas Furnace?


As much as homeowners would like to hear their residential gas furnaces will last a lifetime, heating equipment does degrade over time. Luckily, the average lifespan of most furnaces is 15-20 years. Some models can even last up to 30 years with routine, professional maintenance. That means you can get decades of comfort before you […]

Can Your Portland Home’s HVAC System Be Recycled?


At some point in homeownership, you’ll have to replace a failing or outdated residential HVAC system. In addition to selecting the best heating and cooling equipment for your home, you’ll also have to consider what to do with your original unit. In the Pacific Northwest, we care a lot about our environment, which is why […]

Can a Home Thermostat “Go Bad”?


With temperatures dropping, and more Portlanders begin turning on their residential heating and cooling systems, residents start asking, “Do home thermostats go bad?” Our Portland HVAC contractors have found that while the lifespan of thermostats vary, many units start to show signs of decline after about ten years. Are you looking for more info on […]