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Furnace Season is Here! How Efficient is Your Furnace?

Furnace after

Portland Residents Should Assess Their Furnace’s Efficiency

Well we’ve quickly transitioned into heating season from one week to the next here in Portland, Oregon. I’m still seeing a lot of old  and inefficient furnaces out there and most people don’t realize what that is costing them. If your furnace was originally 80% efficient and it’s now 20 or 30 years old, it’s going to cost you more for heating your home each year you keep it. Let’s say your furnace is 25 years old and was 80% efficient when you purchased it, most likely it is now, “at best” running at 65% efficiency.

What does this all mean as far as what you pay to heat your house? Quite simply, for every $100 you spend to heat your home, $65 is going towards heating your home and $35 is going up and out the exhaust vent pipe. Most people I talk to say their heating bills are over $200 per month. That means that approximately $70+ per month is money you’ve wasted! I can think of a lot of other things to do with $70, like buying a more efficient furnace.

New furnaces are now up to 98% efficient! There are also additional features in the last 6-10 years that can boost their efficiency.  I will talk about those additional features in my next blog post on furnaces.

[ Photo by: Ardyiii, via CC License ]