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Residential Air Conditioners

It is hard to find a part of our lives that has not been affected by air conditioning and refrigeration. Productivity in offices and factories is increased dramatically thanks to air that is cooled to just the right temperature. Who can rest comfortably in the middle of a sweltering July without air conditioning?

With Portland and Vancouver’s summers lasting longer, though beautiful and enjoyable, they continue to get hotter and longer. Now that most people work and drive in air conditioning, we are no longer willing to be “hot and sticky” at home. AAA Heating and Cooling is uniquely qualified to make sure you and your family are comfortable at home.
We believe that in order to attain the best indoor air quality, you must address the three parameters used to define air quality:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Particulate in air

Summer air is more humid than winter air. AAA Heating and Cooling can show you how to cool the air to a comfortable level and at the same time, “squeeze” humidity from the air in your home.