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3 Thermostat Myths You Need to Stop Believing


A thermostat has a big job. As a closed loop control device, it senses the temperature in your home to maintain it at the set-point you indicate. To do this, it measures the thermal expansion within the unit and switches heating and cooling equipment off or on. The small device has a large role in […]

The Pros and Cons of Oil and Gas Heating


You want to feel warm and cozy when the temperatures drop. At the same time, you don’t to take a deep hit to your bank account when the power bill arrives. When shopping for a new furnace, it is wise to consider the fuel sources they use. While some swear by gas furnaces, other contest […]

How to Choose the Right Furnace Filter


Furnace filters are among the most overlooked components of heating units, but are one of the most essential in regards to performance, efficiency, health and overall home comfort. Originally designed to protect the parts within the furnace, today’s filters can help you save money and improve the quality of indoor air. By knowing the difference […]

How Your Furnace Humidifier Actually Works (and Why You Should Have One)


During the cold, wet months of the year, installing a furnace humidifier in your home might seem unnecessary. When you heat your home with a furnace, it distributes warm dry air, which can lead to dry lips, chapped skin, scratchy throats and other uncomfortable symptoms. By knowing how a furnace humidifier works and its benefits, […]

5 Things Homeowners Need to Know Before Buying a Furnace


When a furnace is in its last days, homeowners sometimes feel stressed about having to make some tough decisions quickly. After all, a new furnace is a big investment in your home and your family’s comfort. In addition to important details regarding upfront costs, warranties, fuel sources and the furnace’s size, there are other factors […]

Winter Furnace Myths Dispelled


When the weather is cold, it’s natural to want to keep your home warm and save energy using a variety of tactics. Unfortunately, there are creative ideas that seem to make sense, but simply don’t work. By knowing the truth about the most popular heating and furnace myths, you’ll prevent unnecessary wear and see real […]