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How to Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer


After a frigid winter and rainy spring, feeling the warm sun on your face is a welcome change of pace. While it might not be warm enough to turn on the A/C just yet, hot summer temperatures will arrive in a matter of weeks. By preparing your air conditioner in advance, you will keep your […]

5 Tips Every First-Time Homeowner Needs to Know About Heating & Cooling Their Homes


Congratulations on purchasing your first home! Being a new homeowner is an exciting venture that involves learning about the quirks around your property. Between unpacking, housewarming parties and exploring your neighborhood, it can be simple to overlook one of your home’s most important features—the HVAC system. Even though it seemed to run well when you […]

Annual HVAC Maintenance Timeline


Unlike other appliances that need maintenance once a year, heating and cooling systems need attention more often. There are a handful simple HVAC maintenance tasks that you can perform on your own to keep the system efficient and at peak performance. Others require an HVAC specialist. By knowing what tasks to do and when, you’ll […]

New Homeowner HVAC Tips & Tricks


You bought a home! Congratulations! Whether this is your first time purchasing a home or fifth, it’s important to be familiar with the systems that control its comfort levels before for they need a major repair. Doing so allows you to perform the preventive maintenance the HVAC system needs, recognize sign of trouble and avoid […]

Can I Retrofit My Historic Home with an HVAC System?


Yes, you can retrofit a historic home with an energy efficient HVAC system. If you tour some of Portland’s popular historic homes, you’ll find that many have one thing in common—retrofitted HVAC systems. This is good news if you wish to retrofit your historic home with a modern, efficient HVAC system while preserving its charm. […]

Why Isn’t My Air Conditioning Unit Working? [Infographic]


Summer is finally heating up here in Portland and most of you might be asking “why isn’t my air conditioning unit working?”. If you find yourself asking this question, you are not alone! Our latest infographic details the different reasons preventing an AC unit from functioning. Be sure to read the list of possible causes and […]

How Can Homeowners Benefit from Installing Central Air?


Sometime box fans in windows don’t bring the relief that you seek on the hottest days. With the latest summers continuing to break temperature-related records, central air conditioning will bring you the ultimate in comfort, efficiency and savings. By knowing how central A/Cs work and the benefits that you’ll enjoy, you’ll be better able to […]

The Why, When & How of Air Conditioner Maintenance [Infographic]


Could it be time to replace your air conditioning unit before we meet the full fledged heat of summer? Out latest infographic breaks down the why, when and how of air conditioner maintenance so you can make the best decision for your home or office A/C needs. You can save energy and money by replacing your […]

Debunking Air Conditioning Myths


When temperatures rise, keeping cool is vital for not just your comfort, but your health as well. With all the random information about air conditioners and cooling your home, it’s important to know fact from fiction to prevent an increase your energy expenses and cause unnecessary wear and tear. Don’t forget, if you ever have […]

What Are The Most Common Air Conditioning Problems?

Here are the five most common air conditioning problems that homeowners experience during the summer months. When your air conditioning unit doesn’t seem to work optimally, don’t reach for the phone to call your local HVAC contractor just yet. Behind most malfunctions, there are simple solutions that you might be able to do on your […]