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How to Pick Between Central A/C and Ductless Air Conditioning


While temperatures in the Pacific Northwest are generally mild throughout the year, there are days in which the heat seems unbearable. Installing a new A/C is a step in the right direction toward achieving total home comfort. As you research your options, you’ll find that ductless air conditioning and central air conditioning systems are among […]

Can Your HVAC Take the Heat? Prep Yours For Summer [Infographic]


Summers are becoming warmer in Portland, Oregon, don’t let your air conditioning unit fall victim to the heat! Our latest infographic shares step-by-step instructions to follow when preparing your HVAC unit to run efficiently all summer long. If you follow the 9 steps below and your system still isn’t running at peak performance, call the […]

Do You Need to Replace Your Ducts?


The ducts in your home may be tucked away behind walls, under floors and in ceilings, attics and crawlspaces. Because you don’t see the ducts often, they’re easy to forget about until they affect the comfort levels in your home. Defective ductwork not only makes rooms feel stuffy, they can lower the quality of indoor […]

How Sealing Air Leaks Impacts Your Bills


If your HVAC system and insulation are in good condition, but your energy bill continues to climb, you may need to air seal your home. Air sealing involves remedying air leaks to keep heated or cooled air in and outside air out. The process also makes it simpler for your HVAC system to keep your […]

Does Your Office Need a New Daikin Air Conditioner?


Comfortable employees are productive employees. When the temperature rises, ensuring worker comfort may seem like a challenge when the office A/C unit does not cooperate. If maintaining cool conditions in workspaces feels like an endless battle because of fluctuating temperatures or constant repairs, the next logical step might be to purchase a new A/C. By […]